How to install Drupal

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. Script: PHP 5.2.x or above
. Web server: Apache or IIS
. Databases: Mysql 4.1 or above and PostgreSQL 7.4 or above


. You will install Drupal to a folder call "drupal"
. Assuming you will be using MySQL/MySQL
. This is fresh install and you already create the database and have the MySQL login information ready for the install

Installation steps:

After download and uncompress the latest version of Drupal distribution file to your web root folder call "drupal" then you do the following:

. Create ./sites/default/files folder and give web server write permission
. Copy the ./sites/default/default.settings.php file to ./sites/default/settings.php and give web server write permission
. Enter to your browser to start the install
. Drupal will redirect and invoke Drupal install procedure and you will be prompt for "choose language"
. The next screen you will see "database configuration" and enter your database information that you have it ready when you setup your database then click "save and continue"
. Then you will see "configure site" screen where you enter your site information and disable "clean URL" for now to avoid possible issue, you can enable that anytime later, click continue
. Drupal installation complete screen will show

That's it!