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* MosDashBoard4SB is a only one is its class that will let you make several copy of this module to show different kind of post from SimpleBoard, JoomlaBoard, MamboBoard or NS Mamu since they are all fork from the original Simpleboard.

* MosDashBoard4SB is a module for Simpleboard's forks which will display the latest posts and various other posts like: random posts, Top Posters, Top Threads, Top Hits.
* It also has many others configurable parameters such as maximum length, number of posts, display name, display last post from 4, 12, 24 hrs, top karma, latest threads, Show username, Show "New!" on unread post, filter "moved" post, and display random of all available types of posts and more and output XHTML compliance code.

Complex Usage: There are many parameters to customize the MosDashBoard4SB to your liking:
* number_posts is use to show number of post
* Max_length is use to set maximum length on each item
* Show_dbhdrs is use to show or hide header
* admin_msg is use to show or not show admin message
* max_days is use to show number of days to limit the posts
* showhours to show post from 4, 8, 12, etc hours
* showltposts to whether show or not show left side
* showrtposts to show right side using yes or no or random kind of posts
* whichposts is use to set these kind of post: Top hits, Top posters, Top threads, Lastest threads, Top Karma, Random posts
* moduleclass_sfx so that you can customize the look of the module due to popular demand.
* Output XHTML compliance code
* Whichboard is use to pick between SimpleBoard, JoomlaBoard, MamboBoard or NS Mamu.
* Showusername is use to either show username or name next to the post
* Filter out "moved" posts


* Support:
* Download:

Any donation$ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks