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The hightlight of this new release are:
* Refresh to support MosCom 2.0+ features

* MosCom Latest X will list the latest comment in a module and can be skin using _sfx and css code

# Use Mambo module install manager to do the install of MosComLatestX.
# Make sure you publish this module
# Optional: use _sfx and max_length

* Use these _COM_C_POST, _COM_C_DATE_ON and _COM_C_DATE_AT from MosCom language file to display the comment meta text. (requires MosCom 1.1+)
* Can use _sfx and css to change the look


The hightlight of this new release are:
* Refresh to support MosCom 2.0+ features

* MosComBot mambot is use to display MosCom comment link on the content or frontpage if you turn it on and when you click on either side it will take you to the corresponding comments.

* MosComBot is now has comment form without the need to edit the template.
* MosComBot can now set to show in 4 places of the articles beside to show the comment form for MosCom.
* Companion MosComBot mambot to show comment link on content or frontpage


The hightlight of this new release are:
* Support Mambo, all version of Joomla 1.0, 1.5 and MiaCMS
* Show banner from banner component in content base on banner id with parameter

* MosBannerBot mambot is use to display banner from banner component on the content or frontpage.

* Option to show in 4 locations
* Option to align to left, right, center

* Important: Make sure to enable MosBannerBot in Mambot manager!

* Support: http://support.ongetc.com/index.php?option=com_phorum&Itemid=175


This version of MosCom is a complete rewrite base on my tiny Mose framework that utilize MVC pattern and Ajax. It is just too much change to list them all here but to show the highlight of this new release are:

* Enhance security token processing to ensure no double comment
* Updated Swedish translation from Stefan Lewitas
* Add IP of commenter
* add MosModule integration support so you can use any of MosModule command in MosCom comment
* upgrade jQuery 1.3.2
* Quick post using ajax with spinning wheel
* css and js are now load in the head whereever is possible


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