How to install Mambo and its forks!

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The procedure is somewhat the same for Mambo and its forks such as Joomla, MiaCMS, etc.


. Script: PHP 5.x or above
. Web server: Apache or IIS
. Databases: Mysql 5 or above

+ You already create your database in MySQL and write down your database information
+ You will install in a folder call "mambo"
+ This is fresh install and you already create the database and have the MySQL login information ready for the install

Installation steps:

1. Set folders and files permission:


+ Some fork might have a little different on the name of the folder like "plugins" instead of "mambots", etc
+ You need to make sure these folders are world writable (in most shared host it mean permission 777) for the installation to work correctly!


* administrator/backups/
* administrator/components/
* administrator/modules/
* administrator/templates/
* cache/
* components/
* images/
* images/banners/
* images/stories/
* language/
* mambots/
* mambots/content/
* mambots/search/
* media/
* modules/
* templates/


* configuration.php (you can copy distribution configuration file)

2. Enter and the installer will be invoked and then click next to go through the steps of the screen like license, database, site name, administrator email, URL, and path.

+ Don't copy configuration.php until near the end of the install process or wait for it to tell you, you need to create it and make it writable by web server.
+ Must enter and remember your admin password before you click finish (VERY IMPORTANT)
+ Once the installation is finished you should change the permission of the above folders and file to protect it from the world writable mean 755 for folders and 644 for file in Unix shared host environment
+ You also must rename or remove "installation" folder before you can use your newly installation.

That's it!