How to install Drupal 7 with MS SQL?

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It is now possible to install Drupal 7 with MS SQL server but it requires some works!

The steps are:

. If you want to use friendly URL, install URLRewrite module in IIS to take advantage of the support of URLRewrite in Drupal 7 from here:
. Install the PHP SQL Server Driver 2.0 from here:
. Create a Drupal database and user login and password in SQL Server. (Please note the "instance" name which you will need when doing the install)
. Download and uncompress Drupal 7 in your web space
. Download Drupal SQL SRV module from here:
. Uncompress and put in this folder: sites/all/modules/SQL SRV
. Copy the schema folder from sqlsrv/*.inc to this folder includes/databases.
. Install Drupal as you normally would but the database info as follow:
+ hostname: Please enter something like: 'YourSQLserverName\SQLInstanceName'. If you're configuring this in settings.PHP, it would be 'YourSQLserverName\SQLInstanceName'.
+ username: It is a SQL Server "login" that you must create and map to a SQL Server user.

That's it!

Here is an easier way if you are using Microsoft Web installer for Drupal which you can get from here: