How to get rid of security warning in Microsoft Office 2003?

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I had struggled with the security warning when I convert my Microsoft Access databases to Microsoft Office 2003. In this version, it has the security warning feature each time you open any file that executes a macro in any of the application in Microsoft Office.

I search high and low for information here is what I learn:
. Either set the security level to low per user which is not particle
. Do a register hack to turn off the security warning level to low for all users which are risky if you are not comfortable with “Regedit”

The applicable registry settings are:



. Get a code signing certificate to sign your code

It cost money to get a code signing certificate but I found out a site where you could get a code signing certificate for free if you use it for personal use or for open source project. Here is the link to the site.
or you could get a totally free certificate from
Here is a link on how to buy an Authenticode certificate from Thawte.

It took me a few days in researching this issue.

I hope you will find this information useful and save you time searching for the way I did.