Case of missing "install.exe" in Windows 2003!

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This took me several weeks to figure out how to fix this problem!

It starts out when I try to install IIS to my Windows 2003 R2 sp2 server and for some reason IIS just only show htm file but none for asp, aspx or php!

I searched high and low, I tried numerous sources, I combed through many forum, Microsoft support site, etc but can't find a solution!

In the process, I found out that there are a lot of people having a very similar symptom but none seem to have the same problem like mine.

The symptom are:

. IIS won't show asp, aspx but only show htm

. IIS MMC crashes when try to set "allow" in "web extension"

. There are no error in the event log

. Can't un-install .NET framework 2.0 (keep asking for install.exe") <-- clue

The solution is very simple once I figure it out!

Here are the steps:

. Un-install all newer. NET framework

. download and extract .NET framework 2.0 to a folder call "dotnetv2"

. Un-install .NET framework 2.0 and point to "dotnetv2" folder when prompt for "install.exe"

. Reinstall .NET framework 2.0

. Re-apply all patches and all new .NET framework

Now all the above symptom that I described are all gone and IIS happily serves up HTML, asp, aspx, even PHP too!

That's it!