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* WgetUnzip, A tiny wget and unzip PHP program to do direct download via web browser and unzip to your site without the need to download to your pc then upload to your site and then to unzip on your site.

* Just upload one wgetunzip.php and view it via your browser
* You must register an "amdin" login and password before you can use it for your own protection

Usage: (assuming you upload wgetunzip.php to your web home folder
* Enter in your browser: http://yoursite.com/wgetunzip.php

* Wiki: http://wiki.ongetc.com


The hightlight of this new release are:
* Initial release of MosPrayerLatestX

* MosPrayer Latest X will list the latest prayer in a module and can be skin using _sfx and css code

# Use Mambo module install manager to do the install of MosPrayerLatestX.
# Make sure you publish this module
# Optional: use _sfx and max_length

* Uses these _PRY_R_POST, _PRY_R_DATE_ON and _PRY_R_DATE_AT from MosPrayer language file to display the prayer meta text. (requires MosPrayer component)
* Can use _sfx and css to change the look


The hightlight of this new release are:
* initial release of MosPrayer

MosPrayer Description:
* MosPrayer is a complete a clone of MosCom 2.0.7 base on my tiny Mose framework that utilize MVC pattern for Mambo, MiaCMS, Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5+.
* It provides feature for visitors to comment on content items within the supported CMS.
* (Note: Please make sure to download the latest MosPrayerBot 2.0+, MosPrayerLatestX 2.0+ to work with MosPrayer 2.0+)

General Features:


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