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Drupal 7 Block, very flexible!

Before Drupal 7, if you want to create a block for your Drupal site you either have to create a module or a variable to show your block and it is not fun!

But in Drupal 7, Block is part of the core, just to go ?q=admin/structure/block and create a block.

Drupal MSSQL support

I was interested in getting Drupal to run with MSSQL rather than MySQL so I set out to see if I might be able to hack the code to support MSSQL whether through PHP MSSQL driver or through Microsoft SQLSRV driver...

Coding "less" CSS with LESS

Coding in raw CSS can become tedious if you do it the old fashion way!

With LESS and the less compiler tool you can now take advantage of variables, functions, operations, Mixins (which is like macros in spreadsheet or substitution)


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