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The highlight of this new release are:

* Major rewrite
* Add various configuration option
* Add MosQ manual has various logic queries to show case MosQ simple and more advacnce features
* Refresh to work with the latest version of PHP, Mambo and Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 Legacy mode
* Add export to Word feature for superadmin


* MosQ is a database query component for Mambo and Joomla. It is a rewrite of Richard S Allinson's MosReporter script to work with Mambo 4.6 and Joomla 1.0 as well as 1.5 Legacy mode. It has logic center where you can put in sql statement to get the data from your database in turn it will show as an menu item on the frontend for user to pick to see the listing by form, list or table.


* Remember to change the parameter to "menuGroup=yourmenugroup" that you created in the logic center after you create a menu item to point to your component and access MosQ from the frontend.


* Complete admin area to create logic using sql
* MosQ manual to show various logic with more advance features
* Compatible with Mambo 4.6 or above and Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 Legacy mode
* Compatible with php4 and php5
* It is very comprehensive component to show your data on the front end via JSCook menu system and on the back end it has very comprehensive options in the logic center.
* Export to Word feature for superadmin

Options in the logic center:

* Input Box: will allow users to enter criteria. Change the text 'Input Box' for the label name you wish users to see. For example: WHERE field LIKE '%|Field|%'
* @menuLink : creates a link to a 'Logic Entry'. Replace the text with your values as follows:

1. MenuGroup the menu group that you wish to be shown
2. DisplayValue 'Text' or Field Name
3. QueryID the Query number to be run
4. Argument 'Text' or Field Name. This is optional, if used they must be separated by a comma and in the same order as required by the Query being called. For example: arg1,arg2,arg3,...
5. ColumnName 'Text'

* View class is use to change your view if different from standard
* Access level: public, register or special
* View type: all, form, list, table, edit, add or no view
* Debug logic on or off
* Logic chaining options: run a different query after this one has completed. The next Queries results are displayed after this queries results
* Logic Buttons: Asign a query to a button ex: Add, edit, save or remove. If no query is asigned the button will not be displayed


* Support:
* Download:

Any donation$ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks