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The hightlight of this new release are:
* Add image background support for menu item
* Enhance to work better with SEF enable
* Enhance to validate with XHTML
* Upgrade to jQuery 1.3
* Enhance for compatible with J1.015 and J1.5.8
* Minor fix in flyout.css
* Add param to show new/update image or not
* Language encoding is now changable, defualt is UTF-8
* Minor bug fix

* MosCmenuTree will show you content in a nice menu without the labor of updating each menu item one by one. MosCmenuTree is a very comprehensive menu system for content compatible with all version of Mambo, Joomla 1.0 series and 1.5 series in Legacy mode

* Use Mambo module install manager to do the install of MosCmenuTree.
* Make sure you publish this module
* At the minimum you need to set the section ID so MosCmenuTree has something to show on the menu
* Optional: You could also include an additional categories to be part of the menu

* The content will show on Pathway correctly when click on MosCmenuTree item.
* Any new content will show "New" image to indicate the content is "New" for 14 days
* Several menu options to choose: dTree, List, ByCat, JSCook, or Flyout with respective css
* Enhance to able to run more than one copy
* Add image background support for menu item
* Enhance to work better with SEF enable
* Enhance to validate with XHTML
* There are many general parameters to set, for example:
# Set to select "Section Order by": Id, Title, Ordering, none (default)
# Set to select "Category Order by": Id, Title, Ordering
# Set to select "Articles Order by": Id, Title, Ordering
# Use Maxlength to set the maximum length of the title to show before it got truncated as the menu item
# Set to select "ShowArrow" on menu item.
# Use "useCSS" to set use respective menu type CSS or site default template CSS
# Set to show or hiden "catid" on URL to be compatible with opensef
# Option to turn on/off debug code

More specific option for each menu type:
* For dTree option:
+ Many parameters to customize the menu look for the menu tree and also via the dtree.css
* For JSCook option:
+ You can change use the theme to change how it look and set the menu orientation.
(Note: JSCook menu with several style option: hbr, hbl, hur, hrl, vbr, vbl, vur, vrl)
* For ByCatJ option:
+ "showitem" to set "Number of Menu Items to show"

Addtional Usage:
* Several new css add for list, bycat, jscook, flyout, dtree so each menu type can be customized
* Unique id for the purpose use creating several instant of the menu for different section or category in conjunction with mosModule mambots in content or module
* Steps to show "Upd" image to indicate the content has been update:
# You need to update "Title Alias" to have a date with the format of "yyyy-mm-dd".
# "showupdated" field is set with a value then MosCmenuTree will only show article that has been updated recently with the "Title Alias" containing the date value less then num of days

For examples: If "showupdated=14" then "upd" image will only show content that has been update within the last 14 days

* dTree from
* JSCook menu from
* Flyout menu from
* JQuery from

* Cem for some css code in flyout.css
* Mark Joyce for some css code in bycat.css
* Mark Miller for some contribution with jscookmenu type

* Wiki:
* Support:
* Download:

Any donation$ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks