How to publish to site with client like iWeb that support ftp protocol?

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Most of the client that use FTP protocol to publish your site from your computer to your site has very similar requirements and they are just the standard FTP info that you can usually find in your cPanel.

Fields required:

Server Address:

(this should be your FTP server)


(this should be your FTP login)


(this should be your FTP password)


(usually, leave blank then it will go to your web root which normally is your public_html folder)
Protocol: (usually FTP but in case your server support other protocol such as FTP with implicit SSL, FTP with TLS/SSL and SFTP)

Port: (this should be 21)

Note Some server like 000webhost interpret all file as PHP so, with iWeb file, the first line might cause parsing error like "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING"

Add "php_value short_open_tag off" to .htaccess