How to install Drupal on 000webhost

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On 000webhost, there are many tools that help you to build your site easier and those are the file manager, 1-click web restore, 1-click database restore, etc.

Here I will outline what you do to get your Drupal upload and get ready for a successful install.

. The first thing is to log into your CPanel and create your database using Mysql and write down your database information. It is very information step and your database host is not "localhost" but something like ""

NOTE: Later, when you install and are at the database screen, make sure to click advance to enter to database host field

. In file manager, use "archives (zip, tar, tgz, gz)" to upload your Drupal distribution file, this will save lot of time and frustration with FTP timeout issue, once it finish uncompress, rename "drupal-x.xx" to "drupal"

NOTE: You will also use file manager to set file and folder permission to allow web server write permission to "files" folder and settings.php

. You are now ready to run through the Drupal install procedure.

NOTE: Please see this link on how to run through the standard Drupal install:

Although this article is written for Drupal the database and file manager steps are the same for other CMS as well.