Drupal core 8.6.9 review

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I was able to install Drupal 8.6.9 with the following extensions:

Actions, Activity Tracker, Aggregator, Automated Cron, Bartik, BigPipe, Block, Book, Breakpoint, CKEditor, Classy, Color, Comment, Configuration Manager, Configuration Translation, Contact, Content Translation, Contextual Links, Custom Block, Custom Menu Links, Database Logging, Datetime, Datetime Range, Field, Field Layout, Field UI, File, Filter, Forum, Help, History, Image, Inline Form Errors, Interface Translation, Internal Dynamic Page Cache, Internal Page Cache, Language, Layout Discovery, Link, Media, Media library, Menu UI, Migrate, Migrate Drupal, Migrate Drupal Multilingual, Migrate Drupal UI, Node, Options, Path, Quick Edit, RDF, RESTful Web Services, Search, Serialization, Settings Tray, Seven, Shortcut, Stable, Standard, Statistics, Syslog, System, Taxonomy, Telephone, Testing, Text, Text Editor, Toolbar, Tour, Update Manager, User, Views, Views UI, Workflows, Workspaces

This version has Migrate Drupal UI which help guide the migration from version 7 to version 8, it has multi-lingual built-in. and a few other goodies. However, it has quite a few issues with extension is not quite working yet like PHP filter, Calendar extension is not yet available, weblinks extension is nowhere to be seen, gMap related extensions none existent, etc.

Upgrading from the older old version of Drupal 8 is not very smooth due to dependencies hell in the composer tool.

In summary, Drupal 8.6.9 is making good progress but it is not ready for production use.