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Welcome to COAddOns project!

  • For support site: here
  • Download info: here
  • Developer home site: here
  • Google Group: here
  • For documentation site: here


A new open source Easy/Extensible/Editable CMS:

  • MoseCMS has several features such as editable pages like Microsoft frontpage or any HTML eidtor. You can create template for MoseCMS from any free template you download from internet, does not require a database but support it via DBi4PHP, etc. Please see more detail in the MoseCMS page.

Add-Ons that help you extend your site that use either Mambo, MiaCMS, Joomla or any of the Mambo forks easier!

These add-ons are developed to be compatible across several CMS that are forks from Mambo.

My open source projects that has several add-ons develop to be compatible across several CMS that are forks from Mambo and they are as follow:

There are extensions to enhance the core of MiaCMS, Joomla and Mambo such as:

For adding commenting to your site:

For quick query list, form from your CMS database or your custom database:

  • MosQ
  • MosQBot - depreciated by feature added to MosModule

For enhance your content whether embed some other articles, gCalendar, see readme for more detail

For menu of your content without the need to create each menu manually:

For banner or flash, marquee, etc:

For showing post from Simpleboard and its clone:

I will add more add-ons as I learn more and hopefully it will not limit to just Mambo, MiaCMS & Joomla.

Any suggestion, donation$ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks