404 error page 101

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Simply put, the 404 or Not Found error message is the server could not find the page that was requested.
But there is more to it and sometimes it is hard to know where to look for the cause of the error but with this article, it will tell your some common causes of the error and what to do.
What causes 404 or Not Found error message on your site?

1. The most common cause of this error is you delete the public_html folder which is your website root folder that contains your website files and folders.
2. You might accidentally change the permission on public_html to not allowed everyone or the world read access. The actual permission setting will depend on your host provider web hosting setup and requirement.
3. You might have a bad .htaccess that have incorrect rewrite rule that causes it to redirect to none existing page, etc
4. You might use the file with the wrong name or wrong case or point to a missing file/folder, etc.

Type of error:
. If the error is immediate upon access your site it is very likely to cause by item 1,2 and might be 3
. If the error only occurs when a link is clicked then it is very likely to cause by item 4 or might be 3

If you fix the error then the redirect to error page will not happen.