September 2009

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A new open source Easy/Extensible/Editable CMS:

* MoseCMS has several features such as editable pages like Microsoft frontpage or any HTML eidtor. You can create template for MoseCMS from any free template you download from internet, does not require a database but support it via DBi4PHP, etc. Please see more detail in the MoseCMS page.


What is MoseCMS?

* MoseCMS is short for "My Open Source Easy/Extensible/Editable CMS"

A working sample is here:

What features MoseCMS has?


This has been replaced by the latest version of MosModule

* MosQBot is a mambot for Mambo and Joomla. It is a rewrite of Richard S Allinson's Mos_Reporter Bot script to work with Mambo 4.6 and Joomla. It is used to display any MosQ logic on any content via {MosQ #} where # is the logic number in the logic center of MosQ component.

* After the standard Mambot install of the new MosQBot bot please make sure you publish it and use MosQ back end admin to do your logic setting.

* Important: Make sure to enable MosQBot in Mambot manager!


The highlight of this new release are:

* Major rewrite
* Add various configuration option
* Add MosQ manual has various logic queries to show case MosQ simple and more advacnce features
* Refresh to work with the latest version of PHP, Mambo and Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 Legacy mode
* Add export to Word feature for superadmin



* MosDashBoard4SB is a only one is its class that will let you make several copy of this module to show different kind of post from SimpleBoard, JoomlaBoard, MamboBoard or NS Mamu since they are all fork from the original Simpleboard.

* MosDashBoard4SB is a module for Simpleboard's forks which will display the latest posts and various other posts like: random posts, Top Posters, Top Threads, Top Hits.


Hightlight of this version:
* Add additional sort by created desc together with number of newsflash to get latestX effect


The hightlight of this new release are:
* Add image background support for menu item
* Enhance to work better with SEF enable
* Enhance to validate with XHTML
* Upgrade to jQuery 1.3
* Enhance for compatible with J1.015 and J1.5.8
* Minor fix in flyout.css
* Add param to show new/update image or not
* Language encoding is now changable, defualt is UTF-8
* Minor bug fix


MosModule: Snipptet

MosModule snipptet are just php code that you can write to use MosModule to run them the only thing that you need to be aware is not to include < ?php and ? > in your snippet.

For example: You create an article #1 using plain editor (NO WYSIWYG) and just type this line:
echo "Hello World";

Then in another article just put {mosmodule snippet=1} this will execute your snippet #1 and will show "Hello World" in your article. You can chain your snippet.

Here is an article that show a sample:


The hightlight of this new release are:
* Minor fix for XHTML validation

* MosModuleMod will execute any MosModule command in a module.

# Use Mambo module install manager to do the install of MosModuleMod.
# Make sure you publish this module

* Run all MosModule command in a module without needing to hack the core
* Set align and command to run in this module
* Tested in MiaCMS, Mambo, Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 Legacy mode
* If you need full MosModule in user module then you will need to hack the core


The hightlight of this new release are:
* Add a "nostate" switch to bypass "state" in articleid
* add | as delimiter to support "," in parameter
* add introtext to readmore instead of number of words
* change MM back to mosmodule which cause lot of confusion for people
* add alias support to predefine mosmodule command to override the default value via mosmodule.ini
* add reference to article ID or URL
* add support for itemid in readmore command
* add support for escape comma in parameter like \,
* add support space between comma in parameter


The highlight of this new release are:
* Refresh to support MosCom 2.0+ features

* MosCom CB Plug-in will list the latest comment in the user CB profile tab using the translation file from MosCom base on your language setting.

# Use CB plug-in install manager to do the install
# Make sure you publish and enable this plugin in CB
# Optional: use number of post and max_length

* Use these _COM_C_POST, _COM_C_DATE_ON and _COM_C_DATE_AT from MosCom language file to display the comment meta text. (requires MosCom 1.1+)